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What the neighbors are saying.  Video

Photo by phoopanotpics/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by phoopanotpics/iStock / Getty Images

Let it go.  Letting go is easy when you have a personal manager to coordinate day-to-day business activities. The lawn is mowed. The plants are watered. Someone's keeping an eye on things. What will you do with your time? 

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Nurture friendships.  Where family extends to neighbors, Grove Park celebrates togetherness through all sorts of social activities like Friday afternoon social hour, garden dish dinners, and weekly Bible studies.

Nourish the soul.  Each spring, avid gardeners converge on the leasable garden plots at The Farm to begin a race for the first vine-ripened tomatoes. Others enjoy pooling their skills and their tools at the neighborhood woodworking shop and working together on common projects like repairing furniture and building park benches together.

Get moving.  Fast paced. Slow paced. Whichever your speed, there are options for whatever keeps you fit.

Take time for tea.  Kids love a real live tea party. AND trick-or-treating. AND egg hunts. AND bicycle parades. AND lemonade stands. AND fishing rodeos. AND hayrides. AND AND AND... 

Roll in the grass.  Parks and green spaces galore! Who doesn't love a game of fetch on the clubhouse green?!